A sapphire crystal, a microprocessor and an antenna:

Here are the main components of STISS technology!


From a sapphire crystal to a traditional watch


First of all, we source the various components of our STISS technology.

We use a standard scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that meets the quality standards of traditional watchmakers.


Our expertise and know-how allow us to transform this standard sapphire crystal.

By integrating a microprocessor with antenna in the watch glass, contactless payment is made possible.


All of our technology is sealed inside the glass and works independently.

This STISS glass can now be integrated into a traditional watch.

The components of the STISS glass

A noble sapphire crystal

The sapphire is first choice. With a hardness of 9 Mohs, sapphire is the second hardest transparent material after diamond (10 Mohs).

It is a noble and scratch resistant stone, therefore sapphire crystal is used in the design of many exceptional timeless watches.

Looks great above any analog watch face. The floating notch indicates that the watch has this exclusive payment function.

An Infineon SECORA Pay microprocessor

A highly secure Infineon SECORA Pay payment processor provided by Infineon.

The whole payment technology is sealed inside the sapphire crystal. The microprocessor is protected by a notch and the antenna is hidden by a silver coating around the edge of the chamfer.

It is a passive self-contained microprocessor that works without a battery which has no impact on the movement of a traditional watch.

More details

The specifics of our solution

The diameter of the Mastercard approved sapphire crystal falls within a well-defined range of 30.5-40mm.

STISS technology can be incorporated into watch models of the following categories:

Dressed quartz | digital hybrid dressed | analogue hybrid | mechanical hybrid dressed | sports mechanics | dressed mechanics | luxury mechanics

The quality of the STISS sapphire crystal is guaranteed for years and the token validity of the integrated payment microprocessor is active for 3 to 5 years.

5 year warranty

The life cycle of the payment token inside STISS sapphire crystal is between 3 to 5 years. During this period, the correct functioning of the Infineon SECORA Pay microprocessor is certified. After this period, reprogramming of the microprocessor is necessary to ensure the efficiency and security of contactless payments, a condition required by Mastercard.

Winwatch offers on the watch itself a guarantee of 5 years.