Innovation is at the heart of our development

Our STISS technology is a world first!


A technological breakthrough hailed in the press

Integrating contactless technology into a traditional watch is a first! A brief review of the international press demonstrates this.

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A unique protected know-how

Our expertise

We are able to bypass the effects of Faraday's cage. The latter makes it impossible to transmit data from the microprocessor to the payment terminal.

We have succeeded in taming the effects of the magnetization of time while no watchmaker has succeeded in integrating a passive chip in a metallic body allowing a satisfactory reading.

Our innovation policy

Through innovation, we are a pioneer in a market fueled by the constant flow of technological innovation.

Innovation is at the heart of our strategy because it is essential in the evolution of our activities.

Our intellectual properties

The know-how applied at each stage of the production of a STISS sapphire crystal is protected by patents.

The specifics of the modifications made to the microprocessor, the dimensions of the antenna in relation to the size of the glass and the integration into a sapphire crystal are either patented or kept secret.

All of our patents and the STISS trademark are owned by our entity Winwatch IP Ltd, the sole user of which is called Winwatch Trade Ltd.  

Our development projects

Constant evolution of STISS

With no less than 10 registered patents, we are constantly seeking to improve our STISS glass. Many projects, such as increasing the performance of the chip by adapting the materials used or reducing production constraints, occupy our dynamic team.

It is by continuously working on the research and development of our STISS technology that we intend to remain the pioneers in this sector.

Even more applications!

The scope of the microprocessor itself can be enlarged by undertaking new development projects with partners who want to evolve technologically.

Any business that operates with a customer retention system in place, such as stores and small businesses, can be future customers.

MDES Mastercard Services

Mastercard's MDES network enables a watch equipped with STISS to be directly linked to a debit or credit card. Thus, a traditional STISS watch ideally complements the use of a debit or credit card during contactless payments.

Digisec Payment Ready enables banks and payment companies to adopt our STISS technology.

Discover Winwatch IP Ltd

In a few words

Winwatch IP is based in Zug, Switzerland. This entity was created for the sole purpose of optimizing the management of all intellectual property rights.

Winwatch IP is the sole owner of the registered patents. Overall, the patented solutions include our integrated contactless STISS technology with sapphire watch glass.

Intellectual properties protect the technological know-how and trade secrets of Winwatch Trade Ltd as well as the STISS brand (Swiss Technology Inside Smart Sapphire).


Do you want to know more?

Winwatch IP brings its expertise and specific knowledge to a branded clientele, pursuing in particular the objective of placing tags based on RFID and NFC technology in watch glasses, watch hands or the axis of hand, which opens up a wide range of new functions and applications for the watch industry.

1. Near Field Communication (NFC) and contactless payment

NFC technology is an open and functioning global ecosystem that enables any business or industry to deliver products, services and applications to consumers around the world.

This platform and the services offer great potential for global markets and hold great promise for new mobile services that are intuitive to consumers (contactless payments, ticketing, access control and product information).

2. Supply chain

Track & Trace, upstream and downstream supply chain, product lifecycle management, after-sales services, repair and warranty services.

3. Product authentication

Fight against counterfeiting and brand management

4. Advanced customer services

Loyalty programs, membership, co-branding