Our strengths: passion, commitment and ambition

An experienced team at the service of STISS technology


Winwatch Trade Ltd in brief

Our vision

A STISS equipped watch for everyone's choice.

Our mission

We are a service provider related to the microprocessor implemented in the sapphire crystal of a watch.

We offer all Swiss and foreign watch brands the unique possibility of equipping their models of traditional watches with our exceptional STISS sapphire glasses.

Organization, precision and passion are essential in order to provide the best technology to our customers. As a team, we strive to elevate the payment experience in the age of digital transformation.

Where are we located?

We have our head office in Sion, in the heart of the Valais Alps (Switzerland).

Our offices, our research laboratory and our production site come together in the same building. We have occupied these premises for three years now.

The decision to centralize our activities guarantees effective communication between the parties and creates flexibility in the organization of work.

The people valuing our STISS technology

Board of Directors and Management

Léo Kalbermatten

Chairman Winwatch Trade | CTO

Roger Schöpfer

Chairman Winwatch IP | Strategy & Public Relations

Joé Courtine


Christophe Kalbermatten

Member of board | CFO

Gianni D'Onghia

Member of board | Patent Expert

Jean-Pierre Kalbermatten

Co-founder| COO

Alex Kalbermatten


Rodrigue Roux

Public Relations