Imagine paying contactless with a traditional watch!

It's possible now! Take advantage of this world first thanks to our state-of-the-art Swiss STISS technology.


We manage all the engineering of the STISS glass

Winwatch is positioned at the center of a new contactless payment market!

Based on the specifications set out in the Mastercard approval letter received in November 2020, we are taking on a new responsibility that allows us to position ourselves at the heart of this new market.

Thanks to our unique know-how, we can authorize contactless payment when a STISS glass is integrated into a traditional watch.

Our STISS sapphire crystal (Swiss Technology Inside Smart Sapphire) meets the same standards as the cards issued by card issuers affiliated with Mastercard. The contactless payment features offered are the same as those offered by Apple Pay, Google Pay, Huawei Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay or Fitbit Pay.

Can you already use your watch as a payment device?

Yes, because in November 2020, our STISS solution was approved and certified by Mastercard.

Our position in the value chain

We provide watchmakers with a turnkey solution compatible with many banking institutions and credit card issuers. Currently, our STISS solution represents a unique value proposition for a watchmaker.

The technology uses a secure NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless payment system. Many manufacturers of connected objects belonging to the IoT (Internet of Things) group use this system to connect their infrastructure to Mastercard's MDES network.

This method manages the entire process of digitization of the consumer's PAN (Primary Account Number) and sends the consumer's digital credentials (tokens) to the “wearable” used.

The STISS solution connects to the MDES network through our partner Digiseq, which is also one of the few qualified and operational engage partners of Mastercard.

Our solutions 

Wallet with our partner MuchBetter

This model links directly to a MuchBetter account through a simple registration process on the payment application.

We already sell "Swiss made" payment watch models available in 28 countries!

Curious to learn more about MuchBetter's award-winning prepaid solution and enjoy this new payment experience.

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Debit or credit with your bank

1. Find out if your bank participates in Mastercard's MDES tokenization network for passive wearables.

2. Use the Manage-Mii application from our partner DIGISEQ. This application allows a STISS equipped watch to be linked to an account opened with participating banks or to a Mastercard debit or credit card issued by a card issuer.

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