NFC - Near Field Communication & Contactless Payment

NFC is a global operating and open ecosystem that allows any business or industry to offer products, services and applications to consumers all over the world.

That platform and the services running on it offers vast potential for global markets and holds great promise for new and intuitive mobile services for consumers (contactless payments, ticketing, access control, product information etc.), simply by waving their mobile phone, key fob, credit card or wristwatch in front of NFC-enabled mobile phones, Retail registers, information kiosks, vending machines and thousands of other devices, systems and signage etc.


    EPC - Electronic ProductCode

Winwatch develops and licenses intellectual property and provides pioneering RFID solutions to a variety of watch brands. Winwatch's licensing program is related to RFID technology in wristwatches developed from a strong but still growing patent portfolio.

Winwatch brings its expertise and its specific knowledge to a high branding customer base, pursuing in particular the goal of placing tags built on RFID-technology in watch glasses, watch hands or hand axis, opening a wide variety of new functions and applications for the watch industry.



Two-factor Authentication (watch protects mobile phone)
As people move through life, they want to experience a seamlessly mobile world with anywhere, anytime connections. The mobile phone is already the most dominant communication device in the world - to become also the most trusted and secure multi-task device in the future, it needs to be protected by an end-to-end security system provided by a two-factor authentication capability. Smart cards and wristwatches can perfectly replace existing PIN codes, user-ID’s or passwords.

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Supply Chain
Track & Trace forward & reverse supply chain, product life-cycle management, after-sales services, repair & guarantee services

Product Authentication
Anti-counterfeiting, brand management

Advanced Customer Services
Loyalty and Fidelity programs, membership, Co-Branding