Our Unique Selling Proposition

Winwatch brings its proprietary knowledge of RFID technology embedded in watch glasses to its customer base through consultancy services, pursuing in particular the goal to initiate pilot projects that can be than successfully finalised in a license agreement between the customer as a licensee and Winwatch as the licensor.

Our technology solves three main problems:

  • to integrate a RFID tag into a wristwatch without altering the internal structure of the watch, what is extremely important by luxury mechanical watches.
  • considering that metal parts of a watch or the human body can shield the radio signals, the watch glass allows RFID signals to pass easily through with low levels of attenuation.
  • making RFID technology invisible in a wristwatch.

Advantages for the watch industry that make us unique:

  • the RFID tag is located outside the watch body and is not obstructed by metallic parts of the watch
  • the watch, specially the mechanical or luxury watch keeps its physical and aesthetic integrity
  • the mineral or organic glass allows RFID waves to pass through with low levels of attenuation
  • the proximity between reader and tag increases significantly the reading range and effectiveness
  • no modification or further production steps are required in the assembling process
  • the RFID tag sealed in the watch glass is a guarantee for security and high level protection
  • the chip integration process is safe and cost-effective
  • the miniaturisation of RFID tags remains potentially important in the future