Our Technology

Winwatch's solution is to integrate a RFID transponder into a wristwatch without altering the internal structure of the watch.

As the RFID tag is independent of the mechanical part of the watch and simply affixed to the watch glass, the watch hand or the hand axis, design changes of the watch body are not necessary. Therefore, the watch and the tag can be produced separately and the RFID-enabled watch can be obtained by employing existing or ready-made watches with a minor change made on the watch glass, hand or axis for enabling a secure, non-obtrusive and almost invisible attachment of the RFID transponder to the watch.

Considering that metal parts in the watch case or the human body do reflect and/or absorb radio signals, the watch glass allows RFID waves to pass easily through with very low levels of attenuation.

This allows all sort of hardly visible, next-generation submillimeter-sized micro-transponders with a built-in antenna in Microwave Frequency (2.45GHz) sealed on watch glass, or few millimetre-sized RFID tags with an external antenna in High Frequency (13.56MHz) or in Ultra-High Frequency (868-928MHz) affixed on watch hand or hand axis, to be attached to any kind of midrange or high-end analog watch and simplifies the manufacturing and commercial process, resulting in reductions in cost, offering new watch functions and applications, with tremendous commercial opportunities for watch industry and other service providers too.